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A gyenge, vagy változó talajokkal való munkavégzés szinte minden építési munkánál jelentős kihívásokat támaszt. Azonban a talajstabilizációban a Tensar technológia és know-how nemcsak a teljesítményt növeli, hanem bizonyítottan csökkenti a költségeket és környezeti hatásokat is. Innovatív TriAx® georácsaink - melyek közel egyenletes 360°-os húzómerevséggel rendelkeznek az optimális teljesítmény érdekében - úgy vannak kialakítva, hogy biztosítsák a szemcsés töltésanyag hatékony rögzítését egy merev, mechanikusan stabilizált rétegben, mely képes szabályozni a süllyedéskülönbséget, csökkenteni az utak rétegvastagságait, lezárni a gyenge lerakott anyagokat és növelni a teherbírást. 

Ways you can benefit

By using TriAx® geogrid for ground stabilisation of the granular foundation layers, Tensar Technology can really benefit your project:

  • Reducing layer thickness: capping and sub-base layers can be reduced by up to 50% with no performance loss, saving on materials and excavation
  • Reducing construction carbon emissions: by up to 50%
  • Increasing life: a mechanically stabilised layer incorporating TriAx geogrid can extend service life of unpaved roads by a factor of three or more, reducing long-term maintenance costs by up to 50%
  • Increasing bearing capacity: the load spreading capability of a mechanically stabilised layer incorporating TriAx geogrid can increase the bearing capacity of working platforms for heavy duty tracked plant such as cranes and piling rigs
  • Controlling differential settlement: over highly variable ground conditions, soil stabilisation using TriAx geogrids can help even-out variable ground support from a foundation soil
  • Capping weak deposits: Tensar TriAx geogrids promote the safe placement and installation of cover layers of soil in the capping of sludge lagoons and industrial waste deposits
  • Spanning voids: a stiffened raft can be constructed, using Tensar biaxial geogrids, to span underlying voids that may develop in, for example, mining areas or those prone to dissolution features. This short-term application will highlight the presence of void formation prior to their permanent treatment

Weak or variable ground? How Tensar geogrids provide the answer.

Our innovative TriAx geogrids, with near uniform 360 degrees tensile stiffness for optimum performance, are designed to provide effective confinement of the granular fill.

For more than 30 years, Tensar’s innovative ground stabilisation solutions have proven ideal for many kinds of construction and subgrade improvement projects, including paved and unpaved roads, car parks, airfields, heavy duty pavements (such as container ports) and working platforms. A full range of case studies and brochures is available. 

We also offer full technical support including expert advice, specifications, drawings, certified designs and details of pricing, and we regularly run free ground stabilisation workshops in many countries throughout the year. To find out more or get fast help for your project by downloading our Ground Stabilisation Design Submission Form.

Take a look at our Tensar project video clips here!

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