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Engaging in foundation construction or embankment design for embankments over weak ground is a common problem to many projects. Excavation and replacement of the soft soil is usually not viable for cost and environmental reasons, but Tensar Technology offers ideal cost-effective solutions to reinforce the embankment base to provide foundation stabilisation, using Basetex geotextiles, the TensarTech® Stratum™ Cellular Foundation Mattress System or where only minimal settlement can be tolerated, a Load Transfer Platform (LTP) placed over piles.

Tensar has many years of experience as the specialists in ground stabilisation, with proven, stable and reliable solutions that can help you:

  • Control or reduce settlement
  • Minimise construction time
  • Minimise costs, with no concrete rafts or ground beams
  • Provide safe access

A firmer foundation with Tensar

Tensar has many years experience as the specialists in ground stabilisation, with proven, reliable, stable solutions that can help you control or minimise settlement. 

Depending on the your project requirements and the nature of your site, Tensar can help you with two distinct types of foundation support:

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